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Natural, rustic wedding cakes decorated with fresh fruit and edible flowers
The perfect marriage for a modern Cornish wedding

Influenced by her design background, Oona’s Cakes have a contemporary aesthetic, juxtaposing clean lines with real edible flowers and soft, glossy Swiss meringue buttercream in place of stiff royal icing and sugar-craft, perfect for a style-savvy couple.



Oona's cakes are decorated with fresh edible flowers that change through the season. They can be bright and bold or soft and delicate to tie in with any colour scheme.


All the flowers used on Oona's Cakes are either grown or foraged by Oona, bought from local flower growers who grow without pesticides or brought from a specific edible flower retailer.  

Not all flowers are edible and even edible varieties bought from a florist (roses, for example) should not be used on cakes as they are sprayed with a plethora of chemicals to prolong their life. If you would like the flowers to match your wedding bouquets then flowers can be wired and removed before cutting. 


Cornwall is full to the brim of talented and creative wedding suppliers. Here are just a few that I have had the pleasure of working with. If you are