Alongside making wedding and celebration cakes I also supply cafes in Cornwall with delicious cakes for their counters. Having run and baked in a number of busy cafes I understand what sells! I decorate cakes with dried edible flowers such as cornflowers and marigolds adding a pop of colour.

I am not currently taking on new customers for cafe cakes but hope to expand in the future in order to meet demand! Please get in touch if you are interested and I will keep you updated.



Cornish sea salt caramel chocolate brownies made with ground almonds (non gluten)

Summer carrot cake with coconut and cardamom topped with cream cheese icing

Chocolate Guinness cake topped with cream cheese icing 

Vegan orange sponge topped with dark chocolate

Vegan lemon and rose sponge topped with rose water icing and crushed pistachios

Fig, white chocolate and cardamom cookies

Dark chocolate, sea salt and hazelnut cookies

Cornish seaweed shortbread

lavender shortbread

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